Decorate with Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is a symbol of luxury and prestige homeowners love to have in their home. In essence, leather sofas have a way of adding style and class to any room. Furniture made from leather is known to be sleek and durable which gives you less worry about spills, stains, wear and tear.

Well, as with any product on the market, furniture made from leather has its pros and cons. So before you make the final purchase, we suggest you go through our list of pros and cons which are sure to come in handy in shaping your buying decision.

Pros of Leather Furniture


High-quality genuine leather furniture is one the most durable upholstery types available on the market. Leather sofas are extremely durable and long-lasting as they typically have a 10 to 15 years lifespan.

The unique, sophisticated and modern-looking nature of leather implies that your sofa will not wear out as quickly as some fabric designs. If you are looking for a piece that will stay in the interior of your home for a long time, leather is the best fit for you.

Timeless Elegance

One other impressive thing you are sure to love about leather furniture is its elegant and sophisticated looks. Leather sofas come in sleek and stylish models. There are lots of models for a range of interior types which range from classic, vintage to ultra-modern ones.


Leather furniture is also stain-resistant and easy to maintain. Also, leather furniture is sure to work for homes with pets as pet hair doesn’t stick to it. It can also work for families who are allergic to pets as leather doesn’t trap allergens.

Most types of leather furniture are easy to clean; a damp cloth and a regular vacuum are all you need to clean up dirt and dust. In addition to their resistance to stains, leather is also resistant to UV damage and mildew.


Leather furniture is also known to be comfortable to sit on and relax. Many owners have commented how much their kids love the comfort of leather sofas. It is, however, noteworthy to mention that the feel of leather changes with respect to weather conditions. In essence, leather is colder time touch in winter and hotter to touch in summer.

Cons of Leather Furniture


The major drawback of genuine leather furniture is its cost. As we know, leather is premium price luxury material, so it’s supposed to be more pricey than fake leather or fabric. The high cost of leather furniture should be expected given its luxurious looks, durability and timeless design.


Another downside of leather furniture is that it can scratch quite easily. In essence, any sharp object may likely scratch or puncture the material. For instance, if you got a cat in your home, there’s a high chance of getting a little scuffing on the finish. If that’s okay with you, there’s no need to worry much about it.

Fewer Color Choices

This might not be much of a drawback, but leather offers less color variety as compared to fabric options. Leather furniture typically comes with colors like black and brown, and sometimes white. Other rich and vibrant colors such as green, red or orange can also be found.


Overall, it’s evident that the pros of leather furniture outweigh the cons. The sleek and luxurious looks, as well as the durability of leather, is more than enough time give the best value for the money.

So, with all that has been said, you can be fully assured that getting a leather furniture is sure to be a substantial investment that your household will enjoy for years to come.