Decorate with Throw Pillows

throw pillows

When it comes to home décor, we cannot underestimate the beautiful impact of throw pillows. These pillows add life to the living room and make everything more attractive.

Here are few special tricks to decorate your sofa with throw pillows to create eye catching look.

Go for Pop

Take away the boring ideas; this is the right time to tune to the best colors. The throw pillows can help you to do a budget friendly experiment with the most lovely patterns.

You can pick your favorite printed or bold patterns to add more vibrancy to your room. Note that strong punch of colors grabs attention.

The best tip is that if you are planning to use a bright pillow for a focal point then it is good to pick the interesting pattern or texture.

Embroidery, beading and special dyeing techniques can make most out of your decor idea.

Choose the Dream Theme

Kilim, ikat or florals- there are so many choices for patterns. When you are adding a particular theme to your living room then it should create a purposeful feel.

The most attractive color options are pink, orange, purple and blue. They make perfect combinations together.

Opposites Attract

Only a bold decorator can find the real meaning behind the color wheel. Selection of the right pairs or colors creates unique impact in the area and the best trick is to add opposite colors with a perfect mix of cool and warm appearance. You can check the color guides online to create the best hue as per your room décor.

Accent Color

If you want to create a unique impact of colors then the best idea is to go for accent colors. Your selections must be suitable to wall colors and other décor stuff in the room. They must create a powerful look together. Sometimes the artwork makes things more appealing.


Everyone love colors but people find it little difficult to mix them accurately. If you find the same trouble with your décor then go for the layering scents.

You can create a matching appearance of chairs, bed, and sofa in the room. This appearance can reflect your personality and create the best space for your family time.

Most of the people love to place neutral tone pillows in their living room; they generally fall in the size range of 20 or 22-inch square when we talk about larger sofas but in case of the small arrangements, you will find 18 inches through pillows best choice.

The material of pillow covers also matters a lot and it must create a fine look with the material of sofa slipcover. Prefer to keep on changing the look after few days with little mix or contrast of colors.

The fact is that colors have a power to add whole new look even with simple variations; few classic efforts can bring out best decoration ideas for your home. Indeed, your guests will love your style of decoration.