Don’t Let Ugly Carpet Ruin a Room

ugly carpet

In 2017, everyone wants hardwood floor in every room of their home. Hardwood floor is far and away the most popular choice for flooring among interior designers and DIY decorators.

However, not all homes have hardwood floor and the cost of installation is very high. Your budget simply might not allow for hardwood and you will instead have to deal with ugly wall-to-wall carpet in a room until you can afford an alternative.

It’s OK. You can decorate around ugly carpet and salvage the style and décor of a room. Anything is possible!

Here are a few of my favorite decor tips to help prevent ugly carpet from ruining a room in your home:

#1. Clean Your Carpet

You don’t want ugly carpet to begin with. So you really don’t want dirty ugly carpet. The first thing you need to do before you attempt to decorate around an ugly color or style of carpet is to hire a carpet cleaning service near you. The carpet cleaner should be able to remove all visible soil and dirt from the surface of the color and provide a clean foundation for you to base your design around.

#2. Rely on Rugs

Many homeowners don’t realize you can place area rugs in carpeted room too! This will allow you to place a large area rug in the seating area of a room as well as near the entry ways. You want the rug to be large enough to stretch across the entire seating area so the entire pieces of furniture are able to rest on the rug. Be sure at a minimum that the rug is large enough that the front legs of the furniture rest on top of it.

#3. Bold Paint

You can shift the focus of the room from the floor to the walls if you choose a bold and eye-catching paint color for the walls. This will give you more control in decorating the theme and color layout of the room around the carpet.

#4. Roll With It

For truly ugly carpet, just roll with it. If the carpet is lime green, accentuate the color and complement it with throw pillows, blankets, lamps and other décor in a similar color or pattern. “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

#5. Texture

Play up the texture of the carpet and complement it with oversized furniture. Then accent with chunkier blankets or textured throw pillows. Many style of carpet are too traditional to attempt a sleeker and modern ambiance in a room. I would avoid contrast in this case and simply work with what is available in the room.

You can see from the tips above that wall-to-wall carpet doesn’t have to be a death sentence for the décor of a room. You can even have a little fun with it if the colors and style are from the ‘70s or ‘80s. and when the time comes that you can afford hardwood floor, decide if it is still something you really want or need in your home.